Counsellor Guiseley

Life can be complicated, everyday can be a challenge and often an uphill struggle. It’s not easy managing your day to day life and sometimes it can be difficult to cope, and you can feel lost. When you’re experiencing the difficult times it’s good to talk to someone and understand how to decipher your troubles and explore how to carry on with a calmer frame of mind and with greater clarity. Catalyst Counselling provides counselling in Guiseley and can help people understand why they are experience a difficult period in their life.

Through using a mix of counselling and psychotherapy practices we help you explore the reasons you are currently going through a bad period in your life and then work with you to take control of your well being again and regain your peace of mind. Established for over five years, Catalyst Counselling provides counselling services in Guiseley to all types of people, we can help with bereavement or loss, anxiety, sexuality issues and anything that you feel needs to be discussed and shared. If you want to make a change, take control of your life and feel inner peace again counselling offers a recognised method of helping people explore their emotions and Catalyst counselling can provide guidance that can be life changing.

Based in on the outskirts of Leeds, and working in Guiseley each week, Catalyst Counselling can provide flexible appointments. We believe in helping people re-align and find their inner-strength through talking through the issues that are causing them to have a difficult period in their lives. All conversations are completely private and confidential and are carried out with a fully trained counsellor. If you feel you need some help, guidance or simply some one to talk too then Catalyst Counselling are available, simply contact us and we’ll arrange the appointment.