About the Counselling Sessions

About the Counselling SessionsSome clients do feel nervous about coming to a counselling session. So it may help to know that in the first session I will take some details about the difficulties you are facing and we decide together whether the service would be right for you. In that first session the main thing is for you to make sure you feel comfortable with me and the setting and it is my job to help you feel at ease. Clients are often surprised at how easy they find it to talk in that first session and how the time flies.

I offer both daytime and evening appointments for individual and couples counselling.

The fee is £45 per session for individual counselling and each appointment will last 50 minutes.

The fee is £55 per session for couples counselling. Each appointment will last 1hr.

How Sally works with clients

I use a Transactional Analysis and Mindfulness approach in my work with clients because I have found that my clients and I can easily relate to the key concepts and it can make a difference in all areas of life by helping you to answer the questions ‘Why do I feel like this?’ and ‘How can I change this?’

Transactional Analysis provides a way of getting to know your personality; understanding your relationships and communication with others and your automatic reactions to emotional problems and stressful situations. It has been described as offering a Theory of Personality based on the concept of  ‘Parent’, ‘Adult’ and ‘Child’ ego-states; a Theory of Communication and a Theory of Personal Development which provides an insight into how we develop psychologically from a child to an adult.

Mindfulness is best described as:

‘paying attention on purpose moment by moment without judging, (Full Catastrophe Living, – Jon Kabat-Zinn).’

I will often introduce Mindfulness concepts and exercises into our sessions as a way of helping you to spend more time in your Adult ego state; ‘turn up the volume’ on your Nurturing Parent ego state and ‘turn down’ your Critical Parent ego state. Through mindfulness, you can learn how to accept yourself and experience the present moment, non-judgementally. It has been clinically proven that by adopting a mindful approach to life you can stop the struggle of  constantly worrying about the future; self -destructively linking past experience to present and criticizing or suppressing what you think, feel or do. Hence it is being widely used in the NHS for issues such as anxiety and depression with very successful results.

In essence, Transational Analysis and Mindfulness combined offer another perspective on what you feel, think and do and give you tools to learn new ways to feel, think and be.

Together, with this shared knowledge and a safe and trusted working relationship in place to support you, we will work through the emotions you are experiencing and enable you to make the personal change that you want to happen.