Anxiety Counselling

In today’s busy world, the number of people feeling stress and anxiety is on the increase every year. So much so that 30-35% of employee sick leave in the UK is related to stress, depression and anxiety.

It is natural and necessary to feel some anxiety at certain times. Anxiety stops us from taking risks that may impact our safety and health. However the difficulties begin when we start to feel ‘too much’ anxiety for ‘too much’ of our day. When this happens anxiety takes control of our lives, restricting what we feel able to do and meaning we spend most of our time in an exhausting state of high alert. Our quality and enjoyment of life can be severely restricted by anxiety. People can experience overwhelming, unrealistic and paralysing fears and worries that they simply can’t shake off. Other symptoms can include panic attacks, phobias, obsessive compulsive behaviours or post-traumatic stress reactions.

Catalyst Counselling Service provides counselling for anxiety that helps you take control of your anxiety rather than it controlling you and your life. In the approach to counselling for anxiety you will be introduced to a variety of clinically proven tools that help manage your anxiety. You can then put these simple tools to the test and pick out the ones that work for you. Catalyst Counselling are pleased to report that each client suffering from anxiety has found at least one tool that allowed them to get control of their anxiety. Once you are re-assured by the fact that you have control of your anxiety the counselling sessions will begin to focus on why your anxiety levels have escalated and help determine what are the triggers and the underlying cause. Once you have this awareness you can then start to learn new ways of responding and coping with stress and anxiety.

If you would like to learn more about the Catalyst Counselling approach to counselling for anxiety or would like to book an initial session then please don’t hesitate to contact Catalyst Counselling, either by phone or email.